Join the Card Club

  • Bob

    Bob is the loveable shopkeeper who works tirelessly to keep his store stocked with the finest of things. His family has been serving the felines of Shuffle Cats for generations at this beloved emporium of cards.

    Bob will bend over backwards to make sure you have the Chat Packs, Lucky Charms needed to rule Lucky Lane. Be sure to pay him a visit!

  • Montie

    Montie had a sheltered upbringing in the countryside by well-meaning foster parents.
    Desperate for adventure, she left for the city, leaving a thank you note.
    With an eye for gems and a head for competition, she was kicking tail in the cities card scene in no time. You’d be wise to listen to her sage advice as she guides you through the game.

  • Walter

    When he isn’t challenging players to a game of Hearts of Spades, this madcap inventor is in his Workshop, thinking of new and exciting ways of twist the rules of Regal Rummy.

    Having grown up on the mean streets, he learnt to use his smarts to keep himself out of trouble but he is not afraid to show his claws if needs be…

  • Ruby

    Born with a silver spoon - full of the finest milk - in her mouth, Ruby is the embodiment of style, grace and decorum. She is also one heck of a card player and will take any opportunity remind her opponents of her melding prowess.

    Underestimate Ruby at your own risk as this kitty’s got claws and she isn’t afraid to use them.